BLURSH BRONZED is a 2 in 1 liquid bronzer and contour product. It’s super blendable formula allows you to blend out your sculpt in less than 30 seconds!

Mitchells preferred way of applying this product is to paint some swatches off the product, underneath the cheekbone, the temples, the end of the nose, the perimeter of the forehead and finally, under the jaw.

Using the BLURSH applicator allows symmetry and mean you're not applying too much product at once. BECAUSE BLURSH GOES A LONG WAY! He then takes the MF1 brush and starts the stipple over the painted areas until the product disperses into the rest of the base makeup seamlessly.

It’s totally up to you, whether you want to apply a powder bronzer on top of this, but it’s 100% not necessary. If you want to go for more of a natural bronzed finish, apply some BLURSH BRONZED to the back of your hand or palette, and circle your MF3 into the liquid to saturate the brush. This will give you a super bronzey natural sun kissed look to the skin.