Mitchell Halliday, famously known as Mmmmitchell, is a 25-year-old makeup virtuoso revered for his dazzling and transformative makeup art. His distinctive, vibrant looks and skillful transformations have captivated global audiences, establishing him as an influential figure in the beauty industry. Beyond his stunning artistry, Mitchell is celebrated for his globally recognized masterclasses. These classes serve as an educational platform, disseminating his expert techniques and empowering makeup enthusiasts worldwide to explore and innovate within the realm of creative makeup. Mitchell Halliday, aka Mmmmitchell, continues to inspire and educate, leaving an enduring impact on the world of beauty with his vivid creativity and dedication to sharing his expertise.


Initially dreaming of a career as a singer, Mitchell embarked on his artistic journey by fervently pursuing his musical aspirations. His passion for performing led him to sneak into pubs before legal age, delivering captivating performances that showcased his raw talent. Mitchell's tenacity and love for entertaining people eventually propelled him onto the the X Factor. Although his initial dream was centered around music, his innate desire to perform and share his creative essence remained steadfast. While his path diverged from singing into the world of makeup artistry, it's this fundamental love for performance and his undeniably creative soul that fuels his vibrant and transformative makeup art, captivating global audiences with his colorful, expressive looks. Mitchell transition from aspiring singer to a renowned makeup artist mirrors his unwavering dedication to performing and expressing his creativity, leaving an indelible mark on the world in an entirely different artistic form.


Mitchell commenced his journey into the realm of makeup artistry by working in a friend's salon, where he began transforming clients through his creative makeup skills. Witnessing the profound impact of these transformations and observing the newfound confidence his clients exuded after their makeup sessions was deeply touching for Mitchell. This experience held a special resonance for him, given his own past encounters with bullying during his school years. Seeing people regain their confidence through his artistry resonated strongly with him, as he intimately understood the significance of self-assurance and empowerment. This motivated him further in his craft, fueling his passion to empower others through the transformative power of makeup.


Emerging as an early adopter on Instagram during a period when the platform offered a quicker path to growth. He proudly considers himself a first-generation Instagram makeup artist, playing a pivotal role in defining the aesthetics of this era. He characterizes Instagram makeup as non-conforming, drawing inspiration from extravagant, polished, and drag-influenced styles. Riding the wave of this emerging trend, Mmmmitchell's meteoric rise to fame was propelled by his collaborations with other prominent names within the makeup and beauty community at that time. These partnerships not only solidified his position as a trailblazer but also contributed significantly to shaping the landscape of makeup artistry on social media.

Evolution of Made by Mitchell



Inspired by his early days working in a salon where resources were limited, Mitchell Halliday, Mmmmitchell, envisioned creating a makeup brand that encapsulated inclusivity and versatility. Drawing from his own experience of not having an extensive kit due to financial constraints, he sought to develop products that were multi-purpose and accessible to all. This desire for inclusivity and practicality fueled his vision to craft a line that catered to a spectrum of needs and skin tones. True to his signature colorful style, Mitchell's brand embodies vibrancy and diversity, reflecting his own dynamic and bold approach to makeup artistry.



In 2021, Mitchell Halliday witnessed the birth of his standout product, Blursh, marking a watershed moment in his career. Recognizing the exceptional potential of Blursh, he understood that this product would be a game-changer. As the founder of Made By Mitchell, he saw his creation swiftly gaining widespread acclaim, transcending borders and traveling to the hands of customers across the globe. The success of Blursh marked a milestone in his journey, affirming his ability to innovate and deliver a product that resonated with makeup enthusiasts worldwide, solidifying his brand's position in the beauty industry. Mitchell's dedication and vision had manifested in a product that became a staple for makeup artists and beauty aficionados, symbolizing his entrepreneurial triumph and creative prowess.



In 2022, Made By Mitchell took a monumental leap by becoming available on the TikTok Shop platform, coinciding with the platform's burgeoning presence and influence in the beauty industry. This collaboration marked a significant milestone, as Made By Mitchell's products became an integral part of the rapidly evolving beauty landscape on TikTok. Mitchell's brand served as the cornerstone for an entirely new beauty community that rapidly gained momentum in the UK. Made By Mitchell not only offered quality makeup but also fostered a spirited and innovative space within the beauty realm, establishing a vibrant and unprecedented community that set new standards and trends, further solidifying Mitchell's influence and the brand's prominence in the ever-expanding world of beauty and cosmetics.



In 2023, Made By Mitchell took a bold leap by joining the TikTok Shop platform, despite initial skepticism from both buyers and merchants about its potential. Mitchell's brand invested considerable time and resources into this venture, recognising the platform's rising influence despite uncertainties. The risk they took soon paid off significantly. The decision to collaborate with TikTok Shop proved to be a game-changer as, in a groundbreaking turn of events, the brand achieved record-breaking sales. In just one week, the turnover skyrocketed to an astonishing $2 million, far surpassing expectations and effectively silencing any doubts. This extraordinary success not only validated the decision to invest in TikTok Shop but also solidified Made By Mitchell as a leader in the beauty industry, demonstrating the immense power and reach of both the brand and the platform.



From the spotlight of the television screen, where Mitchell once showcased his own makeup artistry (American Beauty Star 2016), to the helm of his own brand, this journey has been a whirlwind of creativity and determination. Highlighted by the full circle moment of being invited to guest judge on the UK makeup show, Glow Up.

"Transitioning from being a contestant to a creator was a transformative 360-degree moment. Now, as the founder of my own makeup line, I've experienced the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, learning invaluable lessons along the way. It's a surreal full circle moment to now be invited as a judge on a similar show, tasked with identifying and nurturing the next generation of talent. With each step, I'm reminded of the power of passion and perseverance, and I'm excited to pay it forward by guiding and inspiring others on their own paths to success."